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Creating Space for a Double Bed

Saving space and double beds aren’t necessarily two concepts that most people would put together.  There are so many different double beds on the market, some more practical than others. At Warren Evans our double beds are designed so you can enjoy the comfort and roominess of a double bed and still have space for all your belongings.

A double bed needn’t be an expensive option either: this guide provides a host of practical tips to help you make space for a double bed – whatever your budget – so you can turn your bedroom into an oasis of calm in our ever hectic world.

Why create space for a double bed?

If you are looking to save space, you may think you can only have a single mattress or a foldable solution. But many double beds take up less room than you’d think and a double bed can actually be a more flexible option if you’re looking to make the most of a guest bedroom.

Double beds are perfect for a couple or for one person to really spread out and luxuriate under the duvet . The trick is to get the right double bed, in the right place – so you really can have the best of both worlds.

As a double bed is not as large as a king, you can still save space without giving up the comfort of a larger mattress.  This will help you get the best of what you need most – sleep!

Sleep better in a double bed

Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep can improve your health and wellbeing. Good sleep can benefit you by:

  • Reducing stress
  • Boosting your memory and increasing alertness
  • Preventing cancer
  • Improving your heart health
  • Aiding in weight loss
  • Helping your body repair and decreasing inflammation

So double beds are actually good for your health! Seriously: by increasing the width of your mattress by 18 inches from a single to a double bed, you can increase the quality of your sleep by 25 per cent. This is especially important for teenagers and students who need as much sleep as they can get!

Double bed solutions

Would you sleep easier if you knew your double bed had a low carbon footprint and was light on the environment?  Warren Evans is the first and only UK bed manufacturer certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).  This means the wood we use is from responsibly managed forests so you can be confident that your double bed is truly sustainable and planet-friendly.  As our double bed frames can be paired with Soil Association certified organic mattresses they are a natural ethical addition to your bedroom.

Space-Saving Double Bed Range

Our unique space-saving range of double beds allows you to economise on space, maximise comfort and still achieve a clean, modern look.  Whereas with most double beds you have to add on additional inches to incorporate the frame, the frames in our space-saving range of double beds are all tucked away underneath, so the width of the mattress (not the frame) is the width of the bed. 

All of our wooden double beds in the space-saving range help create a light, airy atmosphere, even when space is at a premium:

  • Apple – This affordable double bed fits easily into tight corners or in the attic under the eaves. It’s also the perfect double for ‘loft living’ or studio spaces. 
  • Bimini – With a wide and sloping headboard, this contemporary double bed is perfect for relaxing with the Sunday papers or just chilling out – so you can double up and get two rooms out of one!
  • Rossi - This classic frame is grounded by a footboard in complement to the fashionable headboard and has a bold, stylish look that won't dominate your room.
  • Trellis – This double bed has a wide slatted headboard that adds to the feeling of space. A white finish adds a clean, contemporary twist.

For a softer feel, or to make a statement with colour, you might want to choose an upholstered double bed from our space-saving range.

  • Cuba – The upholstered version of our Apple frame, this elegant double bed is hand covered in durable cotton-linen fabric.
  • Cayman – Perfect for those who like to read or flake out in front of a DVD, this trendy double has a particularly comfy headboard .
  • Evia – This upholstered option has the grandeur of a king with the space-saving economy of a double.
  • Vivaldi – Well-balanced and durable, Vivaldi gives you a great-looking and comfortable frame for any bedroom in your house.

If you are interested in a more traditional style frame, we an extensive range of  products with roomier underbed storage to maximize the space in your room.

All our double beds can be matched either with underbed storage solutions and bedroom furniture and accessories , so you can create an entire bedroom suite all in one place to fit your decorative scheme.

All of our double bed frames come with a ten-year guarantee on our materials and workmanship while our mattresses are fully guaranteed for up to 15 years.

Extra storage ideas

Ideally, you can use the space created under your bed for storage.  With underbed storage units, you can tidy away your clothes, shoes or additional bedding with very little fuss. Our range comes in both half and three-quarter lengths and a new square style that can fit under our space-saving range so you can maximize space and still maintain a minimized look.

You can complete the design of your room with our range of bedroom furniture.  Keep your belongings accessible yet tucked away with our wardrobes, bedside cabinets, and chest of drawers. Like our underbed storage, you can pick a complementary finish from natural to black satin and all the colours in-between.

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