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Deliveries & Collection

For further information, please see our dedicated Delivery & Collections page

I placed my web order 30 minutes ago and I haven’t received my confirmation email yet?

There may be many simple reasons why you haven’t received your confirmation email straight away. Firstly, please do not worry as most commonly, when the website is experiencing a high volume of visitors – usually during the end of a sale or promotion – all customer confirmation emails can be delayed in dispatch due to a que. Please give us a call on 020 7693 8988 or email us at [email protected] if you have not received your email within an hour. Sometimes an email address may have been entered incorrectly and will need amending or there may have been an issue with payment that we will need to look into for you.

Is there a chance of an earlier delivery date than advertised on the website?

The Delivery date on the website is always the soonest possible date we can deliver. From a production point of view, the majority of our items are made to order and we need four full working days - not counting the day you order - to make a product. The remainder of our range is made for us and often requires a longer lead-time than four working days. Due to this, the earliest delivery date on the website cannot be shortened as for the most part we need to physically make the items for you.

From a Delivery point of view, if all the vans are at capacity – 280 deliveries a day – then we physically have no resources or weight capacity left to add additional deliveries to the run.

The delivery date on the website reflects both of the above and displays the absolute soonest possible date.

I would like to order Bedding & Linen; how will it be delivered?

All Bedding & Linen only orders will be delivered to you via DPD courier. We aim to despatch your order within 5 working days.

An automated text message will be sent to you from DPD regarding the delivery of your parcel. If you are unsure you will be at home, DPD can deliver to a place of work or a friend, family member or neighbour provided we have this information at point of order.

If you have ordered Bedding & Linen along with larger items such as a frame and mattress, then your Bedding & Linen will come out on your delivery date, to your home address, on one of our own delivery vans along with your other products.

Once I have set a delivery date, what happens next?

Once your order is complete, you will be sent an email confirmation confirming your delivery date, contact and order details for you to check. If you have chosen to leave your delivery date as TBC, please give us at least a full week’s notice when you are ready to set a delivery date to avoid disappointment.

Three working days before your delivery date, we will email you your pre-allocated three hour time window, plus your delivery address and contact details for a last minute check. If you receive a time window that you cannot attend, we can call yourself, a friend, family member or neighbour with a key one hour before arrival to give someone you trust time to travel home and let our drivers in. All we ask is that we have their name and contact number and that they remain with our drivers whilst they are in the property.

Alternatively, we can also – provided we have a disclaimer – leave items with neighbours at their homes.

We are not able to alter your time window, as this will affect other customers in the delivery run so it is always best to have one of the above contingency plans in place as a precaution. We are also unable to leave items unchecked and unsigned in garages or porches.

As a last resort, we can reschedule your delivery day. However, if you cancel within 5 working days of your delivery date, this will incur a £48 charge, as we are unable to make products for another customer in time to use up that delivery slot.

Can I arrange a courier to collect my order from the Workshop?

Yes you can. Your chosen courier will need protective wrapping to safeguard your frame and furniture items during their journey to you and a copy of your receipt. Please make your courier aware of the collection times - 8:30am - 12 noon Monday - Friday – and you will need to book a collection date 5 working days prior to arrival. Please let us know the day your courier will be visiting, and a name and contact number. We can provide a map and directions if needed.

Please note we cannot recommend you a courier, as they will be working directly for yourself. This means it is important you find a company you trust and are happy to use, as they are solely responsible for the safe transportation of your goods.

Can you take away my old bed and mattress?

We do provide an environmental disposal service for unwanted frames and mattresses. For £20 per item we make sure the items we take away are responsibly recycled and only those material's that cannot be recycled go to landfill. Our Delivery Crews only carry tools for Warren Evans frames so please make sure your old frame is disassembled prior to our arrival to ensure a smooth change over. If you require our disposal service, please mention it to the sales person at point of purchase as it is not always possible to include it with your delivery later on.

I really want a Superking bed and mattress, but I am really worried about access through to the bedroom; what do I need to consider?

A common issue and source of disappointment with the delivery of large products and mattresses; is access.

We would all love a big bed, but in reality, most properties are not designed to accommodate their access.

All of our frames are designed to be delivered in sections and are assembled onsite. For the majority these sections are headboard, footboard, side panels and slats and in their disassembled state, they can easily access most bedrooms.

There are a small number of exceptions. The Divans break in to two horizontal halves, and if you order a headboard this is easily removed as well. Some of our larger fabric frames – Highgate, Ardennes, Chiswick, Plumstead, Melbourne, Retro, Northgate, Sherwood, Sydney, Hampstead and Chelsea - even when disassembled, have very large headboards and the Superking size will sometimes get stuck on the way to the bedroom. If you are concerned, please email us prior to ordering and we will send you the measurements just to be sure.

In regards to mattress access, where a 5’6 (small super king) or 6’0 (super king) mattress becomes stuck, is on the way up the stairs, when an over-hanging landing above prohibits access. Alternatively, when we get to the top of the stairs and there is a U-turn with not enough space or a bedroom to back in to to manoeuvre the mattress around the bend.

Spring based mattresses – Coil & Pocket Sprung – cannot be bent or manipulated as this damages the springs so our Delivery Crews are not able to fold or force a mattress through a restricted access point.

We advise all customers to measure their access to the room before they order. There are options – Memory Foam, Zip & Link, down-sizing – if your chosen Spring based mattress does not fit to the room, however, we make to order, so if the mattress does not fit on delivery day, there will be delay before we can deliver a mattress that can fit. It is a much smoother and stress free day if you take the time to measure prior to ordering.

Frames, Mattresses & Furniture

I really like your wooden bed frames, what colours are they available in?

All our products are made to order. So you can have our Open Grain bed frame designs in any of our 11 colour choices – Oak Satin, Teak Satin, Elm Satin, Red Mahogany Satin, Medium Oak Satin, Light Oak Satin, Black Satin, White Satin, Cream Satin, White Paint & Cream Paint. Alternatively, you can choose to leave your frame Natural unfinished if you prefer this simple look or if you wish to paint or stain your new bed yourself. For our Natural Grain range, you have the same wide range of choices except the White and Cream Satin finishes which are not suited to these frames.

What is the difference between White & Cream Paint and White & Cream Satin finishes?

Our White & Cream Paint finish is available on both Open Grain (Ply) and Natural Grain (Redwood Pine) woods. It is a solid finish, which means you cannot see the grains or knots through the paint.

With all our Natural Grain (Redwood Pine) bed frames and furniture, as time passes and the wood matures and darkens underneath the painted finish. The knots in the Redwood Pine may start to age through the paint. Most customers enjoy the natural uniqueness of this process, however just in case; we like to make all customers aware.

As Open Grain (Ply) is engineered wood and therefore has no knots, this unique process will not occur on our Open Grain (Ply) products with the White & Cream Paint finish.

White & Cream Satin is only available on Open Grain (Ply) products. It is a partially see-through finish where you can see all the grains and mineral deposits of the Open Grain wood through the finish. As the finish has a transparent quality, it will also take on the hue of the Open Grain wood and sometimes has a slight pinkish or bluish tone. This is not considered a fault and many customers enjoy this distinctive quality.

We are always happy to send photos or sample blocks if you would like to be sure of your choice.

I want to order products from both your Open Grain and Natural Grain ranges; will the styles & colours match?

We use the same colour stains and lacquer on both the Open Grain (Ply) and Natural Grain (Redwood Pine) woods. When using wood, there will always be a variance between different products even of the same wood. You can have 10 different Natural Grain beds and 1 tin of stain and they will all, once stained and lacquered, be slightly different from each other in colour and hue.

When you have products from the two different wood ranges - Open Grain & Natural Grain – there will also be variations in shade and tone between the different woods and products, however the base colour will always unite them in the background.

The two different woods we use each have their own characteristics. Natural Grain (Redwood Pine) is full of unique charm. The products have knots, varying density of wood grain and variations in the tone of the wood. Open Grain (ply) has no knots, more evenness with the density of the wood grain and less variation in tone.

There are subtle differences between the furniture styles of the two different ranges. These are simple – the shape of the feet, depth of the drawers, choice of handles, the shape of the top. If you would like to mix and match between the two different ranges, then we strongly recommend visiting a showroom prior to purchasing to view the products, check them out online or contact us for photos on 020 7693 8988 or email us at [email protected]

What choice of colours are available on your fabric frames?

All our Upholstered frames - with the exception of the Divans - come in a choice of 8 fabric colours – Dark Brown, Carbon Grey, Plum, Mink, Steel Blue, Pebble, Dove Grey & Ivory.

The Divans are available in Charcoal (dark grey) and Grey (light grey).

I noticed on your space-saving range that the sub-frame comes in a natural finish. Can I have it stained to match my Warren Evans furniture?

Yes you can. Although the sub-frame is tucked away under the bed and not overly visible. We are happy to stain and lacquer your sub-frame in the finish of your choice. Please be aware in order to cover the additional labour cost this does incur an additional £50 charge. Please make the sales person aware at point of purchase that you would like this additional service so we can make the Workshop aware. If you are ordering online, there is a page when ordering a Space-Saving frame for selecting a sub-frame finish. Please note we do not stain or lacquer the bed slats.

How are your frames finished?

When you order you will be asked which of our colour options you would like your frame finished in. We then lacquer your frame twice in a water based, satin low gloss finish to protect your frame from knocks, scrapes and spills.

What type of base do your beds have?

All our bed frames - except Divans, which have a solid base - have a flat, slatted base. A slatted base allows your mattress to breathe, keeping you cooler, your mattress healthier and reduces allergens such as dust mites.

Each slat is made from solid pine. The slats are spaced approximately 1.5 - 2 inches apart, they are 5.5” wide and there are 10 slats on each bed frame. The slats on 2'6 to 5'0 size frames are ¾” deep. Super king sizes - 5'6 and 6'0 frames - are 1.5” deep. Due to the substantial width and depth of our slats, a centre support is not needed.

Slats on the Space-Saving frames are purposefully cut 1" narrower on both widths and 2" on the length. Please be assured this does not harm the mattress and protects your shins!

Can I mix & match headboards & footboards?

Within our Natural Grain Range we are able to swap most head & foot boards at an additional cost. We are unable to offer this on our Space-Saving Range or Open Grain Range, but please enquire online, by phone or instore with your specific wishes so that we can give advice.

How are your products measured?

All mattress and frame sizes are manufactured in feet and inches to a tolerance of +/- one inch except Tempur Mattresses, which are manufactured in centimetres.

All measurements in centimetres are approximations rounded up to the nearest 5cm or 10cm.

You will need to measure access into your property, prior to ordering, for all products, especially for large items such as wardrobes and Super-King mattresses; this may include measuring stairways, landings, etc.

Beds are described and manufactured in terms of the size of the mattress required, and then additional measurements for your chosen frame will need to be added to equal the total floor measurements the bed will take up in the room.

Beds are described and manufactured in terms of the size of the mattress required.

You will need to measure access into your property for all products, especially for large items such as wardrobes and Super-King mattresses; this may include measuring stairways, landings, etc.

The frames in the handmade wooden range and the handmade fabric range (Manhattan, Vienna, Santa Maria & Valencia) are larger than the mattress size by approx. 3 ½ inches (9 cm) for the width & 4 ½ inches (11.5 cm) for the length.

There are a few exceptions. The Sunday & Siesta frames are 6 inches (15 cm) wider and longer than the mattress. The Milan & Madrid frames are 3 inches (7.5cm) wider and 7 inches (18cm) longer than the mattress.

The Venice & Verona are 3 inches (8cm) wider and 9 inches (23cm) longer than the mattress.

For our handmade space saving range, both the wooden & fabric range, please take into account 4 ½ inches (11.5cm) more for the length. The width of these frames will be the width of the mattress.

The only exception being the Studio & Island bed frames which will not over-hang the mattress size at all; the only size to take into account for these beds is the relevant mattress size.

The Divan Range adds 2 ½ inches (6 cm) to the length but nothing extra to the width.

Please ensure that you are fully aware of the frame dimensions and that they are suitable for the space you have allocated.

Do you make custom sizes?

We can make some frames and mattresses in sizes to suit you. Please call us to discuss your requirements. Where we can make custom sizes you may have to wait slightly longer for your product to be made and customisations incur an extra cost and are non-returnable or refundable so please be doubly sure of your requirements and measurements.

I need to make sure my chosen frame fits under the window sill/eaves. Can I call for measurements?

Yes of course. All our sales teams have readily available information on every measurement, weight and material. This applies to all our products

I want to compare your wood stains/fabric colours with my décor at home. Do you have samples?

Yes we do. Please click here to request wood samples and click here for fabric samples. Alternatively, call us to request your samples and we will post them to you.

I would really like to see a photo of one of your frames in situ and without a mattress on; could you email me a photograph?

No problem. Let us know which is your favorite frame and your email address and a member of the sales team will photograph your choice – with and without a mattress if you prefer - in one of our homely showrooms and send it you.

What wood are your frames & furniture made from?

All of our wooden beds and furniture are made from FSC® certified wood.

Originally designed for engineering! So incredibly hardwearing, our Open Grain frames are made from Ply. Ply has exceptional benefits. It is very strong as it is used for engineering. Ply has more consistency in shade and tone than a natural wood, so those customers who do not like knots or natural and unpredictable variations in colour and grain, prefer the Open Grain Frames. Incorporating an Open Grain wood into our range has also meant there has been no need to use hard woods for an alternative material.

Our Natural Grain bed frames are made from sustainable, solid Redwood Pine with all the beauty and uniqueness of natural wood and none of the negative impact on the environment.

What does FSC certified mean?

The FSC is the Forest Stewardship Council®, which promotes well managed forestry. Warren Evans was the first UK bed maker to be certified by the FSC.

Visit the FSC website here


Please see our dedicated Guarantees page


You always seem to be on sale? How is this possible?

Our ultimate aim is to offer people beautifully handcrafted beds at the best possible prices. However, even though we choose to price our products at affordable prices we need to be competitive to attract new customers and grow as a business. That's why we run sales. We regularly change our sale offers and the items in it, to make sure there is always plenty of options and opportunity for customers to buy our excellent products at great prices. We follow industry guidelines and continue to look for new promotions, like bed and mattress combination deals, that allow customers to buy our quality goods at the lowest possible prices.

Are Tempur, Memory Foam & Latex mattresses included in your '120 Nights Trial' & '21 Day 'no quibble' Returns Policy'?

At present, Tempur, Memory Foam & Latex mattresses are not included in either the '120 Nights Trial' & '21 Day 'no quibble' Returns Policies. All the above mentioned mattresses are expensive investments and we strongly advise you visit a showroom to try the full mattress range before deciding on a final choice.

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