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Mattress Buying Guide

There’s nothing that sets you up for a good day so well as a great night’s sleep. The key to waking up refreshed and ready-to-go is sleeping on a mattress that gives you the perfect amount of support across your whole body.

If any of the following statements ring true, it’s probably time to look into picking a new mattress:

So what goes into a good mattress, and how do you decide what’s right for you?

Read our guide to discover your dream mattress!

Mattresses with springs

There are two main choices of sprung mattresses: coil and pocket sprung. Although, there is also a growing trend to make mattresses with memory foam on top of springs – generally called Hybrid.

Open coil/sprung

Our coil mattresses offer excellent support and comfort due to their design of interconnected mesh of wider quality springs, which respond in unison to your body shape and movement. At Warren Evans we use superior springs in our mattresses for even better responsiveness and performance. All our coil sprung mattress have cotton covers with castellated edges to hold the fillers and for mattress longevity.

Our Essential is our most popular coil mattress with a medium feel; perfect for those who prefer a balance of soft and firm support in their coil mattress. Another popular option is the Tuscany; with strengthened interconnected spring this firm feel mattress provides optimum support for your body.

Coil mattresses are usually less expensive and as such are commonly purchased as a kid’s mattress or for a spare room, and are generally regarded as first mattresses.#

(IPS) Individually pocket sprung

IPS mattresses are composed of individual springs, allowing each spring to operate independently from each other to offer superior, targeted support. As each spring reacts only to the weight placed upon it, IPS mattresses minimise the transmission of movement, or “roll”, between sleeping partners. 

Our IPS range is divided into 3 separate Pocket Sprung Collections; Traditional, Air Pocket and Non Turn.

1) Traditional Pocket Sprung 

Built with superior springs, our Traditional Pocket Sprung mattresses have between 1000 and 8000 high-quality springs, and therefore cover a wide range of budgets. Our Traditional collection are all made with hand-tufted fillers depending on the type of feel required from medium, medium firm, firm comfy and firm. Our traditional collection’s hand-stitched borders give ultimate mattress shape retention. With their more intricate design, IPS mattresses tend to cost more than their coil counterparts.  

Our most popular traditional IPS mattresses are the Florence with 1500 springs and the Heavenly with 8000 springs. The Heavenly features luxurious hand-tufted fillers including silk, cashmere, lambswool and cotton and has two rows of hand side-stitched borders for mattress shape retention. 

2) Air Pocket Sprung 

Our Air Pocket Sprung mattresses use a carefully selected combination of short and long springs, this unique design minimises roll and provides cushioning support, a perfect choice for couples who differ in body size. This collection uses top quality natural and organic materials, making them a great mattress for allergy sufferers.  

Our best seller Natural Air Firm is a popular choice due to its deep hand-tufted fillers including Egyptian cotton, lambswool, silk & cashmere. 

3) Non Turn Pocket Sprung Collection

Our exclusively developed non turn range uses highly resilient fillers and a mini pocket spring system with three separate rows of hand side-stitched borders for optimum mattress shape retention. This collection features a firm base and comfortable top with breathable vents for fantastic airflow and ultimate comfort. 

Our popular Superior with 4000 springs includes Orthofirm ‘heat regulating fibres’ for the most comfortable night’s sleep. 

Hybrid Mattresses

Our innovative Hybrid Latex Comfort mattress combines a 2000 spring unit with memory foam and natural latex. The memory foam layer provides relief for your body’s pressure points. Our natural latex layer allows air to circulate freely making the mattress more breathable. Derived from the sap of the rubber tree, this natural elastic material reacts to your body movements but does not allow the foam to sink and slump throughout the night offering you consistent support and a great night’s sleep.

All our fillers are carefully selected for quality, specification, response and support as a combined unit. At Warren Evans we tend to use cotton as our top filler to allow a highly breathable and comfortable feel. Wool is added for a deeper feel in some mattresses. Other fillers include silk and cashmere. It's the specific combination and blend of fillers, resting on top of our quality springs which determines the depth and feel of each mattress within our range

Mattresses without springs

Memory foam (or visco-elastic)

Visco-elastic or memory foam mattresses are designed to fully mould to the body shape of each partner. Made from body-heat responsive synthetic materials, these mattresses gently respond to temperature, body weight and shape giving a deeper support to each partner. Once the pressure is removed they slowly recover their original shape. Memory foam mattresses are typically made from layers of different thickness and densities of foam to give different levels of support as required and are ideal for relieving pressure points. 

As well as offering a full range of TEMPUR® mattresses, we also offer a range of Warren Evans Memory mattresses with dust mite resistant and removable, temperature controlling Outlast® covers. Our extremely popular Precise Memory 22 reduces tossing and turning, supports every contour of your body and keeps your spine horizontal, relieving pressure where needed.


A good mattress should support the contours of your body closely and enable you to sleep with your spine close to its natural alignment. Softer mattresses are good for those with a lighter weight as they will give a gentle depression into the mattress. Firmer mattresses are designed to fully support heavier weights and keep the body at the correct depression within the mattress. 

To find the perfect mattress, we advise lying in the position you and your partner sleep in for 15 minutes, to get the full benefit take your jackets off. Test if your sprung mattress is the right fit for you by lying flat on the mattress and slipping your hand beneath the small of your back. If you can feel just a small gap, then you have found the perfect fit; if you can’t get your hand under the mattress is too soft and if it slips in easily it is too hard.

Spring count

Depending on the body type, a higher spring count can provide a higher quality of mattress and therefore better comfort and sleep. Make sure that you aren’t buying a mattress which has inferior springs, substituting quantity for quality. At Warren Evans all our mattresses are designed and manufactured to achieve the perfect equilibrium, between spring and filler. It is this combination and how they are put together that makes the difference. We advise to test a range of mattresses and to test them with your sleeping partner.  All our mattresses are guaranteed between 5 and 10 years so you know you’re making a great investment when you buy from us.

For partners of different weights and sizes

IPS mattresses are best for couples as they adapt to each person individually. A mattress designed to minimise “roll”, how one partner’s movements impact on the other, is ideal. Our Natural Air Pocket Firm is a popular choice as its deep fillers and IPS design minimises “roll” to help you and your partner sleep soundly. A memory foam mattress might also be a good alternative as it morphs to accommodate each individual body shape and weight.

If you suffer from allergies

Our Organic Air 3000 uses natural materials, which repel dust mites, perfect for those who suffer from allergies. It is also naturally fire retardant meaning we don’t have to use any of the usual chemical treatments to provide fire safety.

Bed Frames

A great bed has two key components – a strong, attractive frame and a supportive, comfortable mattress. At Warren Evans our frames are handcrafted in the UK using traditional, long-lasting Mortise and Tenon joints and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) UK sustainably sourced wood. Our wooden slats are ¾ inch thick and 5 ½ inches wide. These slats strengthen the frame and help air circulate so your mattress can breathe better. Improved breathability lets moisture dry out, so your mattress lasts longer. A drier environment also discourages dust mites, helping to alleviate allergies.

Suit Your Sleep Style

The way you sleep can have a big effect on which mattress is the right choice for you. Whether you are a side, back or front sleeper, you should remember to take this into account when trying and buying a new mattress. 

If you tend to sleep on your side…

You’ll need a mattress that offers a very responsive feel to allow the natural curves of your body to rest in their neutral position. A firmer mattress will not allow your shoulders and hips to rest comfortably, and therefore cause too much pressure on your joints.

If you tend to sleep on your stomach…

If you prefer sleeping on your front then you will want a mattress that fully supports your body. Choose a slightly firmer feel that offers you the right balance of support and comfort.

If you tend to sleep on your back…

If you sleep on your back you will want a mattress that gives the right amount of support and is firm enough to hold your body in its neutral position, but responds to provide softness and structure where your body needs it most. 

Mattress Care

Adding a mattress protector will give an added clean, comfortable layer to your new mattress, which can be washed on a regular basis to keep your mattress fresh. 

With our coil, traditional pocket sprung and air pocket sprung we recommend turning your mattress every couple of months to avoid wearing out one section of the mattress. This also allows time for the fillers to naturally resettle into place. 

To keep your new mattress clean over time we advise to brush or vacuum your mattress to keep it hygienic and fresh.

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