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Inspiring Styles for the Autumn Season 2016

Welcome the beauty of autumn into your home with these inspiring seasonal styles. Infuse your home with bold furniture pieces and elegant accents of the colours that make autumn such a wonderful season; dramatic dark shades of evening and cool grey-sky tints. 

Warm wood accents with muted greys

Warm wooden tones can really take the chill out of your room. The teak satin finish highlights the auburn and honeyed gradients in the wood grain and with the delicate natural patterns in the wood, this chest of drawers makes a beautiful statement piece against cool grey colours.
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Deep & calm blues

One of the most noticeable signs that autumn has arrived is the darker evenings, so why not bring depth to your autumn palette with this seasons’ dark blues trend. Pantone’s Autumn 2016 Riverside and Airy blue creates a calm and serene ambience. Deep and mysterious, dark blue brings out the best in both cool light colours and deeper, warmer hues. See how this dark navy fabric on our upholstered Valencia bed allows the lighter blues and vibrant turquoise to truly shine.
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Soft white fabrics and pieces

Alternatively, why not keep true to the steely splendour of a grey palette with textured fabrics, patterns and painted furniture. Sharkskin grey is the perfect dependable shade; so why not keep to a sleek palette of pure greys, silvers and whites. A textured throw can add delicate detail to your room, whilst a simple geometric rug brings just enough drama to set off the décor. Keep your furniture light too, with painted finishes such as the white on our long linen box providing the perfect base for this elegant look.
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Dark reds with warm woods

On a cold autumn evening, curling up in bed with a cosy duvet, hot chamomile tea and a book is just what we all need. The contrasting dark shades of this deep red throw, mixed with the earthy tones of the teak satin wood finish on the Warren Evans Siesta bed are a lovely way to add warmth to your bedroom. Adding a dark red appears neutral to the naked eye so it’s a way to add a subtle pop of colour.
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Neutral tones

If you want to add a pop of colour but don’t dare to go with autumn’s velvet red and maroon tones, try the neutral shade of Pantone’s Warm Taupe. Giving a warm and approachable feel to your interior this tone is a timeless piece, working for all seasons, all year around.
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