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Reduce or block out noise to create a peaceful sleeping environment

If you are having problems falling asleep, don’t despair, there are a number of things you can do to make bedtime better and sleep happen much quicker. Our top 5 tips for better sleep will set you on the right path for a good night and part of the solution is ensuring a bedroom environment that will help sleep rather than prevent it… minimising unwanted noise is crucial!  

1. Establish a healthy sleep routine

2. Make your bedroom a modern-day cave 

3. Get a good bed

4. Eat right for sleep 

5. Meditate and relax 

Our modern-day bedrooms vary enormously from the cave that our ancestors slept in. Although they may seem cosier they’re not as conducive to sleep as we may think!

Our bedrooms need to be cool, completely dark and quiet.

Keeping heating turned off in the late evening/night time is advisable, and wearing cotton pyjamas and using cotton bedding to help with heat regulation is also a good idea. Turning the light from your alarm away from you, using black-out blinds and blocking light from doors using draft excluders or towels will help.

But, what about noise? Noise can stop you getting to sleep and it can even wake you during the deeper stages of sleep. Noise can come from many sources - technology, the street, or more commonly a sleeping or snoring partner. All sources of noise can be disturbing and if you find it difficult to get to sleep in the first place, noise can become an issue.

Earplugs are a simple solution but they can be uncomfortable and don’t always stay where they should. Using headphones is another option, but unless you are a back sleeper they are virtually impossible to wear in bed.

So, when we discovered SleepPhones ® we thought they were a fantastic innovation. They fit snugly on to your head in the form of a soft, stretchy, padded headband so they won’t slip out of place. Embedded in the headband are thin removable speakers through which you can play any type of music, audio book, meditation, white noise or talk radio. Whatever you find works best to remove unwanted noise, and help you relax and get your body and mind into a peaceful sate.

The speakers are adjustable so they fit your head shape and the headband can be washed for freshness. And like so many great inventions, SleepPhones ® were designed by someone who needed a solution but couldn’t find one. In fact, a busy doctor who, when taking late night calls from patients, struggled to get back to sleep invented SleepPhones® - they worked so well for her that she created some for her patients to help them sleep too!

For more tips and advice on how to create a modern-day cave, read Step 2 of our free sleep guide, The Art of Falling Asleep, here.

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