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Establish a healthy sleep routine with help from Lumie

“I can’t get to sleep”, “I wake up too early”, “I just can’t get up” – all common phrases that most of us utter at some time or other. However all is not lost, as establishing a healthy sleep routine can put these phrases to bed (so to speak!) once and for all.

A healthy routine means that the hours leading up to sleep, and what we do the minute we wake up, must be fine-tuned to get our body clock on the right setting so that we have a great night’s sleep.

As we sleep, our body goes through cycles each lasting around 90 minutes. The cycles progress through a series of sleep stages, beginning with light sleep then deep (restorative sleep) and then deep REM (rapid eye movement) sleep which is when you are most likely to dream and helps with memory coordination. For a good sleep, these cycles need to flow uninterrupted and if we wake at the end of a cycle we will feel fully refreshed.

Sounds easy but we all know it isn’t! 

Below are some tips from our sleep expert, Dave Gibson, which should help get your body clock back on track:

1. Get your bed time right

The “optimum” time to go to bed is between 10-11pm as this is when our body temperature starts to drop, a signal to the brain that it is time to sleep.

2. Get your light right

Night and day must be clearly defined. Open the curtains when you wake up and let the natural light in. Make your room dark at night and use black-out blinds if it helps. Limit exposure to artificial light, such as tablets and TV, before bed.

3. Schedule your sleep in cycles, not hours

Try and work back in 90 minute sleep cycles so you set your alarm to wake you at the end of a cycle.

4. Keep to the same bedtime and wake up time

This keeps your body rhythms balanced and regular, essential for a good sleep every night.

If you still need a little helping hand to establish a healthy sleep routine, a great sleep aid to try is Lumie Bodyclock, a wake-up light created by the amazing light therapy specialists at Lumie. This wonderful energy-boosting invention will help you sleep better, and wake up feeling refreshed by resetting your body clock using light therapy.

By simulating sunset and sunrise, it will synchronise your body clock and stimulate the brain cells to produce sleep, or wakefulness hormones at the right time. As Lumie Bodyclock gradually lights up at sunrise, you will wake gently, full of energy for the day ahead. At bedtime, as the clock dims, the gradual sunset helps your body relax and unwind meaning that you fall asleep naturally and get a better night’s sleep.

With sunlight scarce on these dark winter mornings, the cue to wake up is absent. Lumie Bodyclock will help to keep your sleep/wake patterns consistent. With research showing that workers exposed to more light enjoy longer sleeps and sleep of better quality, a little sunlight substitute in winter is always welcome! 1

So, redesign your sleep patterns and establish a healthy routine to make great sleep happen every night. Use Lumie Bodyclock to help you slip into sleep with ease, and boost those wake up hormones so night time sleep struggles and wake up blues are gone for good!

For more tips on establishing a healthy sleep routine read our free sleep guide, The Art of Falling Asleep, here.

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1. Scand J Work Environ Health, 2008. 34(4):297-306
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