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Beat The Cold For A Great Night's Sleep

Your body’s ideal sleeping temperature is between 16 to 21 degrees Celsius, lower or higher temperatures can delay your body from relaxing and falling asleep. In this chilly winter, it is worth making your sleeping environment ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Help your body ease into a naturally comfortable temperature with our top five tips…

Use Temperature Regulating Natural Fibres

Cottons and wools make ideal materials for helping you keep warm as they are natural temperature regulators and will remove excess moisture from your body to keep you from overheating. Stick to cotton bedding and nightwear. Try to use a number of thinner layers rather than one thick layer, as your number of layers will trap the hot air, keeping you nice and toasty. Don’t forget to keep those woolly socks to hand too for chilly toes!

Warm Up From The Inside Out

Drink warm milk and herbal teas (uncaffeinated) are a great way to heat your body up just before bed and will help you to relax. Milk and chamomile have the added natural benefits of helping you to drift off. Just be wary of having too many liquids before before if you usually wake up in the night for the loo! Also, having a warm bath before bed will raise your body temperature and help you unwind before bed.

Mattresses Can Help With Heat

The materials used in your mattress can have a big impact on keeping you cosy and warm at night. As we’ve said, cotton and wool are great insulators, which is why we use them in the covers of our mattresses. You could also benefit from the thermal regulating technology in our Warren Evans Memory Foam mattresses. The durable foam and supportive foam material absorbs and stores the heat, then it releases the heat when you get colder. Our Outlast® technology covers are designed to maintain your skin’s natural microclimate too.

Turn It Off

You may be tempted to leave your heating on all night but this will not help you sleep well. Set your heating on a timer to go off in the evening just before bed. The heat could inhibit your body from naturally cooling as you drift off to sleep. This could make you overheat and dry out your skin so it is better to control your temperature with bedding and nightwear, or even a hot water bottle for extra heat. Set the heating to come back on before you wake up in the morning.

Keep It In

The last thing you want is a frosty draft stealing your heat and waking you up! Block drafts from coming into your bedroom with blankets. Either hang one over a drafty window or roll one up by the base of your door to stop colder drafts entering your room in the night.

Sleep Better In Your Bedroom

Help your sleep and turn your bedroom into the perfect sleeping environment. Check out Step 2 of our Free Sleep Guide, The Art of Falling Asleep here.
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