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Bedtime Stories For Children: The Teddy Protector

Have a bath, brush your teeth, turn the night light on, climb into bed tuck the duvet in, sit back and relax with a bedtime story. Get your children ready for a great night’s sleep with a fun bedtime story. For National Storytelling Week we’re sharing some of our bedtime stories for children from our Dozy Dozen book.


The Teddy Protector….

Shhhh! Come here, I’ve got a secret to tell you, a secret I only share with a few special people like you. Come closer and I’ll whisper in your ear.

You know your teddy? The one you cuddle up to at night, who cheers you up when you’re sad or afraid? He has a secret job. At night, teddies come alive and protect you from the monsters under your bed. You may think they are just a bundle of fluff and cuddles, but no – they are fearless monster-fighters in disguise, sent to protect the children of the world from harm.

How do I know? I am a Teddy Protector myself.

I hadn’t seen a monster for years – just a fly or two and a bumble bee in the summer. The monsters knew I was here, you see. I don’t want to brag, but I’ve quite a reputation in these parts: most monsters wouldn’t come within five streets of me.

I first realised it wasn’t going to be a normal night when my little girl came running into the bedroom, shouting and jumping up and down like it was Christmas morning.

“It’s out! It’s out! Look Bluebee! My tooth has come out!” Suddenly her face was right in front of me, with a gaping hole where her little tooth should be. She cuddled me tight and put the tooth under her pillow. “I can’t wait for the Tooth Fairy to come!”

Off she ran to get ready for bed. I knew I had to get ready, too. It’s not just fairies that want the teeth – its monsters as well. I pulled out my trusty Monster Fighter 3000 (a toothbrush to you) and prepared for the long night ahead.

I’m going to be honest and tell you that my eyes were starting to droop just a little bit. I wasn’t asleep – just resting them for a couple of seconds. Something rustled in the darkness and I jumped awake. I saw a furry feeler search around, followed by two large eyes.

Before I knew it, the monster was on me. The battle was epic. I pushed him back several times, but he was so strong. He saw the tooth glinting in the moonlight and that made him greedy. He lurched towards it and with all my strength I hit him with my mihty brush. He went flying across the room and, with a whimper, was gone. Relieved it was over, I tucked the tooth safely under the pillow.

Of course, in the morning, all my little girl could talk about was the fairy money she had found under the pillow and how lucky she was to be visited by the Tooth Fairy.

The silly fairy got all the credit! She will never know my part in it. But at least now you do.

Teddies don’t ask a lot for our work to keep you safe. Your smiles and laughter is enough. So please, hug your teddies extra tight tonight and give them a few more cuddles. They deserve it.

Story by Rebecca

Drawing by Molly

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