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Bedtime Stories For Children: Lily’s Wish

Tucking your little ones into bed with a bedtime story is a great way to end your child’s night-time routine, allowing them to relax before drifting off. We’re celebrating National Storytelling Week by sharing some of great Bedtime Stories for Children. This story tells the tale of a beautiful swan called Lily. 

Lily’s Wish…

Lily is a pretty little girl with fluffy yellow hair and big, peeping blue eyes. Lily’s best friend is a silly tabby cat called Max. They have so much fun together, sometimes getting up to all sorts of mischief!

One day, Lily and Max went to the big park with a long, winding lake to feed the swans. Max liked swans, but not as much as Lily.

“Oh, they are so dainty and beautiful and graceful. Aren’t they the greatest, Max?” she sighed.

“I wish I was a swan!” Max purred in agreement.

Once they had run out of food for their swan friends, Lily skipped back through the pretty tulips, chasing dandelion wishes while Max followed close behind. Max sniffed the long grass and a dandelion wish got caught on his nose, making him sneeze. Picking it off and letting it fall into the palm of her tiny hand, Lily laughed aloud and, holding the wish close to her chest, she said, “I said wish…I wish that I could be a beautiful swan, gliding along the water and watching the world go by!”

She opened up her hand and gently blew the wish into the air. The breeze took it up, up, up and away – past the big branch of the acorn tree and up, until she could no longer see it, even if she squinted really hard. She took a deep breath in, smelling the sweet bluebells that grow under the trees.

“Hello!” said a little voice.

Lily looked down. “Who said that?” she asked, looking puzzled.

“It’s me, Max!” the little voice replied.

Max was talking!

“Impossible!” she thought.

“Your wish came true – look into the water.”

Lily looked at her reflection in the clear water below. A beautiful, elegant swan looked back.

“I’m a swan!” she exclaimed. Lily was so happy! She glided gracefully along the water and watched the beauty of the world around her.

Max sat in the sun, trying to catch sticklebacks with his paws. “Oh, this is the life!” thought Lily as she clambered onto the riverbank, shaking out her feathers. Just then, a bevy of swans swam by.

“Hello Lily, we are honoured to meet you.” They said, bowing their heads. “We’ve waited so long to find our Princess, and you are finally here! Come now, let us show you.”

The Swans led Lily and Max to a small island beyond the riverbank. “I’ve never seen this before!” Lily exclaimed.

The lights were bright and Lily had to hide her eyes with her wing. As she peeked through the gaps in her feathers, she saw the most beautiful sights she could possibly imagine. There were jewels all around and a grand, splendid palace. More swans welcomed her as their Princess. They had a big party. Everyone sang and was so happy.

Ding dong…

The village clock was chiming.

Lily gasped. “It’es tea time – Mummy will be waiting!”

A kind swan said, “You must go, but you can return here whenever you want. All you need is a wish.” And with that, the kind swan blew a dandelion wish up, up, up…

Lily looked down. She was a little girl once more. She looked around for Max, and as quick as a flash, they were back home…just in time for tea.

Story by Tracy

Drawing by Middle Miss

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