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Sleep Tips for Couples This Valentines Day

After sleeping by yourself for over two decades, it is safe to say sleeping with a partner can be an adjustment. Whether it’s your partner snoring, hogging the covers or constantly snoozing their alarm it can be difficult to get a good night’s sleep with no interruptions.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day find the best ways to sleep in a bed with your loved one…

  1. Bigger Beds = Better Sleep
  2. Sleeping in a Double bed with your partner gives you the same amount of space as a baby sleeping in a cot. Sleeping together in a Super Kingsize bed gives you the same space you had when you were a child sleeping in a single bed.

  3. No More Stealing Bed Covers
  4. To avoid your partner nicking all the covers, use duvets that are a size bigger than your bed or use separate blankets. This will mean you’re both wrapped up nice and warm.

    If your partner prefers being warmer than you, use dual-control electric blankets so you can be at your most comfortable temperature.

  5. The Bedroom is for Sleep or Sex!
  6. Don’t bring technology into the bedroom. Keep this area as a relaxing and romantic zone. Plus avoiding the blue-light will help you both get a better rested night.

  7. Routine is Key
  8. Try to stick to the same schedule so that you awake and go to sleep together. Do your nightly wind-down habits together e.g. read books, talk or "get some exercise" in bed.

    If one does awake earlier, try not to turn the lights on to avoid disturbing your partner.

  9. Stop Your Partner Snoring
  10. Losing weight, avoiding alcohol and lying on your back can all help to stop your partner snoring. Try a noise-reducing machine to block out the sound of your partner snoring.

  11. Cuddling, Tossing and Turning
  12. If your partner does not like to sleep in a cuddling position, spend the first 5-10 minutes cuddling for intimacy and then agree to sleep apart.

    Moreover, if your partner tosses throughout the night, invest in a good mattress with minimal roll to get a better night’s sleep.

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