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Last Minute Tips for When the Clocks Go Forward

We will officially welcome the long days, flowers blossoming and beautiful sunny weather when the clocks go forward this Sunday 26th March. However, with the arrival of the springtime comes a lost hour of sleep. If you haven’t had a chance to gradually change your routines to ease into the time change, don’t worry our sleep expert has three last minute tips…

Shift your schedule in steps

Spread the time change over the course of 2 days. Adjust your Friday night and Saturday schedules to a ½ hour earlier, as this will make it easier it (delete) to ensure you are in bed, drifting off an hour early on Saturday night. On Saturday, aim to eat 1 hour earlier than normal too so your day naturally lines up to go to bed one hour earlier that night meaning that when Sunday morning rolls around, you won’t have missed a thing.

Set your alarm ½ an hour earlier on Saturday morning

Even if you don’t manage to get to bed earlier on Friday night, waking up earlier will mean you are more likely to be tired on Saturday night, making it easier to pull your Saturday sleep schedule forward by one hour (or even by ½ an hour if that’s all you can manage).

Get your body to feel tired so it’s easier to get to sleep earlier

If you can’t shift your Saturday activities forward, your body is naturally going to be on your current sleep schedule and one hour out of sync with Sunday’s new time zone. This could mean that getting to bed earlier might not necessarily mean you get more sleep. You may end up just lying in bed wide-awake. The first thing to do is to fill Saturday with as much physical exercise as possible to make your body need more sleep. Then in the evening get your body to relax by having a bath with lavender and do some stretching or yoga. Finally, in order to help your brain wind down, dim the lights and read a book, rather than watching TV, these are tried and tested relaxation methods to help your mind wind down for bedtime, creating the desire for sleep.

Help your kids ease into the time change

Changing schedules can be difficult for all of the family, read our tips to help your children ease into the time change here.
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