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Win Luxury Novel Beauty Skincare Sets

Our bodies thrive on routine. “Setting yourself a consistent bedtime (and wake time) is one of the first steps in establishing a healthy sleep routine”, says our sleep expert, Dave Gibson. “And a regular bedtime routine will help cue your body so it knows that it’s time for bed and sleep.”

A good bedtime routine could include a warm bath, some bedtime reading and a 10-minute meditation. Incorporating a relaxing and replenishing beauty routine will also help to calm your mind and body… and will give you a radiant glow in the morning, bonus!

So, we’re delighted to be teaming up with Novel Beauty, clever skincare and cosmetics, whose exclusive products link mind and body through your skin.

Presented in beautifully tactile books, you have the chance to win fantastic products from their newly launched skincare range including; Poor Man’s Rose, Travel Stories and Irony. Made with heady natural ingredients and pure essential oils each set works in unison with your skin, allowing it to replenish and renew while you sleep.

Poor Man’s Rose is for the rich of heart. Using geranium oil as its signature ingredient, it features the chapter Stream of Consciousness which is an aromatic body scrub which polishes and conditions the skin using a mix of raw sugar cane and Shea butter, whilst also playing on your senses with papaya fruit and grape seed oil. The second chapter, Platonic Dialogue, is a daylight cream that inspires you to find yourself through its natural ingredients sesame, apricot and geranium rose oil.

Travel Stories combines the chapters, Imaginary Voyage and Irony. Imaginary Voyage is an enriched raw sea salt scrub, which naturally exfoliates and balances the skin, improves hydration and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. Ginger root oil warms the system and tangerine oil relieves your mind.

Irony is a wonderful, deeply moisturising body butter, which will repair and regenerate your skin with Shea butter, rosehip, avocado and sweet almond oil.

Incorporating these high quality natural products into your bedtime routine will enhance your skin, relax your body and ensure you enjoy the perfect night’s sleep.

Find out more about Novel Beauty online at www.novelskincare.co.uk

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