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Sleep Well Wherever You Rest Your Head (Plus WIN a Pillow!)

It’s officially holiday season! And whilst the dream of lounging by the pool or trekking through glorious countryside comes ever closer, it’s important not lose sight of good quality sleep. Let’s face it; no one likes a grouch on holiday! Our sleep expert, Dave Gibson, explains how you can sleep well whilst you’re away.

1. Pillow Perfection -

It’s often a change in pillow rather than a change in mattress that keeps us awake in a new bed. So, take your own, if travel and space allows. If not, get your partner to look at the levels of your spine and head height together. The general aim is try to keep your head and spine in alignment when you are sleeping on your side. Try adding a towel if you are too low, and swap for a smaller pillow if too high.

2. Bedroom Environment -

Make sure you choose a trusted hotel or travel company, as your bedroom (and bed) is more likely to be comfortable. Sawday’s Canopy & Stars is a great example. Their one-of-a-kind collection of cabins, shepherd’s huts, Gypsy caravans, treehouses, yurts and even an Iron Age Roundhouse are quirky and unusual but this doesn’t mean compromising on comfort and style. Every place has something special about it, and this includes a good quality bed and linen… they also offer their ‘View from the Bed’ collection where you can enjoy the sunrise and great dawn views without lifting your head from the pillow. To find out more about their glamping holidays visit the Canopy & Stars website.

3. Routine –

Try to keep to your normal sleep/wake routine if you can although I understand that staying up late is a big part of being on holiday. However, if you don’t get your normal amount of sleep you will become grouchy and tired. If you need to catch-up on sleep then a take either a 20-minute nap or 90-minute nap mid-afternoon. Try and do this in your bedroom, with the curtains drawn and lights off so you really sleep well – it might be nice to nap by the pool but you probably won’t catch up properly.

4. Food & Drink –

Again, the desire to eat and drink alcohol late at night is extremely tempting on holiday. Try to take your evening meal around 3 to 4 hours before bed and keep alcohol to a minimum as both will lead to a poor night’s sleep. Of course, there will be one or two occasions when you party late into the night but I really advise against doing this every night.

5. Jet Lag –

If you’re flying to a new time zone you will experience Jet Lag – you can help avoid it by setting your system to run at the time in the zone you are going to rather than leaving from. Put your watch forward to the time you will be using when you land as soon as you get on the plane. Think forward not back. Be sure to avoid caffeine and alcohol on the flight if you will be going to sleep within 5 hours of getting off the plane. Dehydration is a symptom of jet lag; so always drink lots of water on the flight.

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