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Win a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link™ worth £499.99!

Sleeping well in the summer time is not an easy task. It’s hotter, brighter, and humid, and with hayfever symptoms and heightened pollution added to the mix, your body finds it hard to get the good quality sleep it needs.

Our sleep expert, Dave Gibson, has some great advice to help you overcome the nuisances of summer sleep, in his Sleep Well in Summer article. And if there’s one product that can help combat all of these summer sleep issues, it’s Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier fan heater and we are delighted to give you the chance to win one! Worth £499.99!

In fact, it’s the perfect solution to control your bedroom environment, in both the summer and winter. It’s engineered for all conditions: powerful personal cooling in summer and fast even room heating in winter, and intelligent purification all year round. 

Better Air Quality Means Better Sleep!

The air pollution inside your home can be up to five times worse than outside(1), and we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors(2). The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ uses Dyson’s 360° Glass HEPA filter. This technology captures 99.95% of potentially harmful particles as small as 0.1 microns(3) – trapping them in the filter and eradicating them from the air you breathe at home and in the bedroom. Clever technology means sensors inside the machine detect changes in conditions, before automatically adjusting airflow to maintain the target air quality.

Get the Right Temperature for Sleep

A team of 25 Dyson engineers has developed the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier heater, through relentless research and development. The machine automatically keeps the room at your target temperature and projects a powerful airflow of purified air, using thermostat heat control and Air MultiplierTM technology – for long-range heat distribution in the winter and a stream of cool air in the summer. The optimum bedroom temperature for sleep is between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 to 20 degrees centigrade).

Find out more about the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link™ purifier and fill out the form below to win this amazing prize, good luck!

Don’t forget to check out Dave Gibson’s top tips in our Sleep Well in Summer article here


1. Hulin et. al., Respiratory health and indoor air pollution based on quantitative exposure assessments. Respiratory Journal, Oct. 2012.

2. ‘Combined or multiple exposure to health stressors in indoor built environments,’ World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe, Edited by Dimosthenis A Sarigiannis, pg 9, 2013.

3.Tested to EN1822.

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